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Looking for Brilliant Candidates?

Why do you need a recruitment agency?

Keeping a business running is very challenging. While management and business owners are focusing on what they excel in their profession and expertise, you will need various support to adapt your business to the rapidly changing market or move your business to the next level. 

What is hirebrilly's focus?

We focus on certain industry focus, which are IT and Technology, Event and Promotion, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Design and Art and Student Jobs. Within each industry, we have consultants that understand each field thoroughly. 

What makes hirebrilly different from other agencies?

To make a business successful, the management and business owners need business support timely and comprehensive at a simple pricing model.

Fan Cheering
Timely Response, Long-Lasting Relationship

Hirebrilly is a dynamic and solution-focused recruitment agency. We quickly adapt to the ever-changing landscape. Our goal is to find the right people in a really short space of time and to ensure the satisfaction of both candidates and employers. We treasure long-term relationships, with both candidates and employers.

One-Stop-Shop, for All Support

Hirebrilly puts ourselves in your shoes. With new staff onboarding or ad-hoc event, you will need support much more than putting just people on the frontline. No matter whether you need short-term
hire of IT equipment, some ad-hoc design job, one-off translation, or interpretation need. You are in hirebrilly’s good hand.

Real Estate Contract with Pen and Calculator
Simple Pricing, No Hidden Fee

It is frustrating to read a pricing table with tens of extra items at different charges. It is even more frustrating when you eventually find out that the invoice is out of your expectation with hidden charges you are not aware of. In hirebrilly, we offer our service in simple pricing models.

Hirebrilly's Recruitment Service

Hirebrilly provides both permanent staffing and temporary hiring service. Click here to find out how we work? 
Or contact us now about your requirements, we will finish the rest brilliantly.

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