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We are Looking for Brillants like You

Missing Piece
What makes hirebrilly different from other agencies?

In hirebrilly, we are different. In most cases, recruitment agencies will be biased to the employer. We believe both the employers and the candidates are just jigsaw pieces looking for their match to make wonderful artwork/photos.

Job Interview
Which type of candidates we are looking for?

We are looking for brilliant candidates. No matter whether you are students looking for some extra income, or parents looking for a more flexible job, or a professional software developer, we treat you all without bias. 

Similing Team
What hirebrilly do to provide a better candidate experience?

We will NEVER charge job seekers to find a job. No Fees. No Charges.

If you are looking for an entrance into a new industry or a career move into a higher position, we can give you the advice and support you need to excel with our friendly and proactive service.

We heard a lot of job seekers are frustrated as they did not get a reply from recruitment agencies after they applied.


Simply register your CV here or fill in the application form below.

<48 hour

Guarantee to response within 48 hours.

Phone Converstation

A brief phone converstaion to check if further info is required. 

Potential Interview

Optional interview to discuss in detail and discuss possible job opportunities.


Grant us the right to represent you to contact the employers on your behalf.

We will NEVER charge job seekers to find a job. No Fees. No Charges.

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