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Data Analyst - Power BI

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Manchester M2


Full-time, Fixed term contract


£30,000 a year

Company Description

Our client is a rapidly growing company. It is a passionate and proud company. If you are enthusiastic and thrive in a collaborative and friendly environment then we invite you to learn more, explore opportunities and discover a place for you.

Job Description

· To understand business requirements in the BI context and design data models to convert raw data to meaningful insights.
· To create dashboards and visual interactive reports using Power BI.
· To identify KPIs with clear objectives and monitor them consistently.
· To analyse data and present it through reports that can help in decision-making.
· To be able to convert business requirements into technical specifications and decide the timeline to accomplish tasks.
· To design, develop, and deploy Power BI scripts and perform efficient detailed analysis.
· To perform DAX queries and functions in Power BI.
· To create charts and document data with algorithms, parameters, models, and relations explanations.
· To conduct data warehouse development.
· To perform SQL querying for best results.
· To use filters and graphs for a better understanding of the data.
· To make technical changes to existing BI systems in order to enhance their working.

Job Requirement

· BI tools: Skills in BI tools and BI systems, such as Power BI, SAP, Tableau, etc., creating data-rich dashboards, implementing Row-level Security (RLS) in Power BI, writing DAX expressions, developing custom BI products with scripting and programming languages such as R, Python, etc.
· Experience in data-specific roles: A minimum experience of two or three years working with BI tools or any data-specific role with a sound knowledge of database management, data modelling, business intelligence, SQL querying, data warehousing, and online analytical processing (OLAP.)
· Microsoft BI stack: In-depth understanding and experience with Microsoft BI stacks such as Power Pivot, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS.
· Data analytics: The ability to drill down data and visualise it in the best possible way through charts, reports, or dashboards.
· Software development skills: Understanding of software development architecture as well as technical aspects.

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