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You have a car with Full UK license? You can do pizza delivery!

This is what you need to start the job as a pizza delivery guy - A car with valid MOT and road tax paid. Oh yes, you also need a Full UK License!

It is a flexible job, which is usually available on late afternoons and weekends! Here are something you should have to be a good fit for the job:

  • You have a car (preferably with high mpg, as you may be paid for your petrol money on a per delivery basis).

  • You have a FULL UK/EU license.

  • Your car has business insurance (Trust me it just adds up tens of quid on your SDPC insurance).

  • You know how to use GPS apps (Google Map, Waze etc.).

  • You are a polite and safe driver.

That's it! Here below are some common pizza companies that recruit delivery drivers (by alphabetical order):

Paid is usually min pay or a little bit above that plus per delivery petrol money.

Given that it is usually around your living place, it is quite a good job to do if you are not occupied at the moment!


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