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[Software Engineer] Endless Interview but No Job Offers? Check Tips from Amazon NOW!

Are you dreaming to get a job in Amazon, Google, Facebook? Have you had the chance to get the interviews multiple times but not getting job offer at the end? Or are you fresh graduates spending hours on code test to prepare for the job application?

Here below are the website which you will find FAANG jobs directly! And at the bottom, we will provide you with a link which Amazon provides courses and tips to make you successful in their software engineer interview.

For software engineer job openings, you will usually going through multiple rounds of interview, which will assess your competencies in System Design, Coding, Problem Solving, and Leadership Principles (for more senior level).

Amazon has courses which outlined the skillset they are looking for in a software engineer job roles. Here below is the link to their "Interview Prep for Software Development Engineer Course".


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