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Case Study

Mass Hiring (Or Bulk Hiring)

Our consultant has helped a company in Asia with a mass hiring campaign that recruited more than 200 temporary staff (of multiple job roles, including Point-of-Sales cashiers, call center agents, logistic assistants, and promoters) for a two-month physical roadshow event in the summer. Our consultant was also engaged in the design and arrangement of new staff onboarding training.

Marketing Material Translation

This case is about the translation of printed materials, video captions from Japanese to English and Traditional Chinese.

Design and Sourcing of Company Gift

In this campaign, the company gift, laptop sleeve bags were designed from scratch by our team (including the bag thickness, color tone, and zipper style). Sourcing was conducted by professional team members. According to the client’s feedback, the laptop sleeve bags gain a lot of positive feedback. In the end, xxxx pc has been manufactured and shipped to end-user.

Exhibiting on behalf of a Japanese company in H.K.

In this project, our consultants are involved in the exhibition booth setup, preparation of  translated marketing materials, recruitment and training of promoters.

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